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  New from Dragon Roots Magazine and Old School Publishing:


It’s a floor wax!

It’s a dessert topping!

It’s an anthology!

  Missing Pieces has become a regular Gen Con feature offering readers sumptuous samples and tantalizing tastes contributed by the authors of Authors’ Avenue. This year we are proud to announce that all selections have at least one thing in common. Yes, that’s right—there’s a theme.

  This year’s theme, “missing,” has prompted an amazing variety of worthy submissions we’re certain you’ll enjoy, from flights of fancy to the darkest depths. Featuring some new voices this year as well as old favorites, you’ll find tales and poems from worlds you may already know—and from those still waiting to be discovered.

  Perhaps you’ll find a new favorite!


  K. R. Bourgoine, Hans Cummings, Maxwell Alexander Drake, J.R. Dwornik, Jay Erickson, Catherine Fitzsimmons, Lee French, Denna Fugett, Robert Neal Geiger, Thomas Gondolfi, Christine Haggerty, Paul Lell, Peter Lewia, Nathan Marchand, C.S. Marks, Eric Menge, Brian Pettera, Karl Rademacher, Ames Augustus Rocco, Joss’Lynn Epic Rocco, C.E. Rocco, Ed Russell, Julie Wolf Scott, Roger Sicely, & V.J. Waks.

  Thanks to everyone who made Gen Con 2012 a success. I have heard back from many of you regarding my children's short stories and they were very upset that they could not attend Gen Con this year. We are hoping next year though.

  In the future look forward to Missing Pieces IV to be released at Gen Con 2013 next year along with How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse (working title) and an unnamed collaboration between myself and the spunky Tracy Chowdury.

  I will also be updating the website more frequently including bonus articles so please check back often.

  New from Dragon Roots Magazine and Old School Publishing:


 Missing Pieces is a select smorgasbord of fantasy offerings from the talented writers of GenCon 2010 ‘Author’s Avenue’:

 Whether it’s a fine, juicy back-story from a beloved author or an enticing new flavor from one you have yet to discover, you’ll find plenty to sink your teeth into.

 Missing Pieces features eight satisfying shorts- -everything from shape-shifters to classic ‘epics’ to bone-chilling supernatural thrillers- -brought to you by the fine editors of Dragon Roots magazine. Here you’ll find a tasty sampler intended to whet your appetite and leave you hungry for more quality fantasy. You might then want to fill up on some full-length novels- -the ‘main course’ awaits you on ‘the Avenue’.

 Perhaps you’ll find a new favorite!

 Featuring: C.S. Marks, author of the Elfhunter trilogy Matt and Stef Verish, authors of Raven’s Heart Maxwell Alexander Drake, author of the Genesis of Oblivion saga V.J.Waks, Author of TAU4 and soon to be released HAMMERSPACE Dylan Birtolo, author of The Bringer of War Tracy R. Chowdhury, author of Shadow Over Shandahar and Dark Mists of Ansalar And new favorite authors like Todd Austin Hunt, author of yet to be named series and C.E.Rocco, author of the Wizards at War series.

Our website will soon be undated to sell missing pieces in pdf format and soft cover 6x9 soon after GenCon. It retails for $14.99 but since we have been reclusive for the last year, we are offering the soft cover Missing Pieces for $9.99. Also while at GenCon we will be selling our remaining stock of Gary Gygax t-shirts for $5.

  Back Cover


I S S U E # 4

  Issue #4 has been a trying experience to say the least. We had most of the work completed before GenCon but with our printer raising his rates another $3 an issue we couldn't print it. We would have lost thousands. After GenCon we decided to reformat the issue with some new material, but with two more of the regular staff laid off from their normal jobs the release has been delayed again.

 We have not forgot about the loyal readers and we have read all the e-mails inquiring about the next issue. Please bear with us as we make our corrections to Issue #4. I promise 4 issues will come out before GenCon next year so that means that there will be an issue that runs back to back with another. Most likely the late Winter/early Spring issue will be released very close apart. As far as issue #4 is concerned, we are putting the finishing touches on it but we are still looking for an affordable printer. If worse comes to worse, we will release the pdf version and send out the print versions when we find a reasonable printer.

 Thanks for your continued support.

 Dragon Roots Magazine


  Come see us at author's row at GenCon this year. Win a chance to get a free Gary Gygax t-shirt by solving the Rubik cube before I do. Meet the editor-in-chief and creator of Dragon Roots magazine, C.E.Rocco, and one of the creative masterminds and editors, The Alway.

  On the way to the printers as I type

  No long wait for issue #4, it is coming in July!!!

  We are working diligently on Dragon Roots magazine issue #3 (that's the fourth issue for those counting). Issue #3 will be released in March 2009.

  As always, we are looking for gifted writers and artists to contribute to the magazine. The pay is nonexistent, but the glory - oh the glory - should not be underestimated.

  Please visit our online store to get your Dragon Roots fix!

Issue #3 - Available March 2009

Issue #3 FeaturesI am the missing cover art for Dragon Roots issue #3. Please pester Rocco until you see a cover pic!
  • Robillard's Tale Vol. 3 - C.E. Rocco
  • A Brave New World, part 2 - Paul Brazelton
    • campaign building help
  • Trouble With Gold - Mick Dixon
    • a history of money with adventure hooks
  • Servants of the Faith - Jason always & C.E.Rocco
    • [4e] new divine powers for specific religions
  • Animal House - Daniel Bishop
    • [3.x] more races and paragons of the Middle World
  • Campaign Considerations of Mountainous Areas - Daniel Bishop
    • worldbuilding help
  • and more...

Issue #2 - Now Available

Issue #2 FeaturesDR #2
  • Review: Game Night (a book by Jonny Nexus)
  • Review: GURPs Mystery
  • Review: Doctor Wizard's Patented Elevation Indicator
  • The Necromancer - C.E. Rocco
    • [4E] new base class
  • Dragon Grumbles - Tim Kask
    • commentary on roleplaying past and present
  • Hall of Wonders: Tower of Gygax - Tim Kask
    • [AD&D] Gary Gygax tribute module
  • When Nobody Plays The Rogue - Ian Ferguson
    • [3.x/4E] options for rogue-less parties
  • Behind the Curtain - C.E. Rocco
    • [4E] interview with Richard Baker and Scott Rouse
  • Campaign Considerations: Coastal Regions - Daniel Bishop
    • worldbuilding help
  • A Brave New World, part 1 - Paul Brazelton
    • campaign building help
  • Robillard's Tale, volume 2 - C.E. Rocco

Issue #1 - Now Available

Issue #1 FeaturesDR #1
  • Review: Pirate Guides to Freeport
  • Review: Adventurer (card game)
  • Tomb Raider - C.E. Rocco
    • [3.x] new base class for those who love to explore
  • In Memory of... - Jeremy Jones
    • tribute to Gary Gygax
  • Resistance is Futile - Bil White
    • discussion of miniature use in roleplaying games
  • Races & Paragons from the Middle World - Daniel Bishop
    • [3.x] new paragon levels for humans
  • Faerie Encounters - Daniel Bishop
    • [3.x] new faeries to keep your PCs guessing
  • Table Talk - C.E. Rocco
    • [4E] play session of Keep on the Shadowfell
  • Robillard's Tale, volume 1 - C.E. Rocco (commentary by DM Paul Brazelton)
    • [3.x Grim 'n' Gritty] A Simple Life campaign story
  • The Last Minute GM - Bil White
    • [3.x] traps, treasure, tricks, and trouble to add to your campaign
  • Campaign Considerations: Tropical Adventures - Daniel Bishop
    • [3.x] worldbuilding help
  • What's Over There?: Temple of the Golden Ape - Daniel Bishop
    • [3.x] sidetrack adventure
Issue #0 - Now Available

Issue #0 FeaturesDR #0
  • What's Your Story - C.E. Rocco
    • [3.x] socially accepted backgrounds with flair for your campaign
  • Be Thee for Law or Chaos - Daniel Bishop
    • comprehensive guide to alignment
  • 4th Edition Queries - C.E. Rocco
    • [4E] reader questions answered by WotC
  • Working your way up to first level (revisited) - C.E. Rocco
    • [3.x] rules for creating 0 level characters
  • A Day at the Fair - C.E. Rocco
    • [3.x] adventure for characters level 0 and beyond


  If you are checking out our website because you think we had something to do with the "4e Killed Gary," T-shirts then allow me to tell you now that neither myself nor any of my employees either wore or sold this shirt. We had nothing to do with those shirts.

  We did sell shirts, but it was not those ones. It had our in tribute of Gary art from our Issue #1 cover art on the front and the offical GenCon logo along with a quote from Gary "Roll high, Game long" (which was the quote winner from our Gary quote contest we held after he passed away) on the back.

  We are actually huge fans of Gary. I drove 12 hours to go to his funeral in the middle of a raging blizzard. I encourage you to take a closer look at whatever thread you read and re-read it to make sure you were reading it correctly.


  Something wonky happened from the finished product to the actual letter received. The formatting got screwed up some how, so my apologies if the text appears clumped together. I will try and figure out what went wrong and correct it for the next newsletter. .

  If you did not receive a newsletter and would like to, simply e-mail me at c.e.rocco@comcast.net and put "NEWSLETTER #X," in the subject line.

  Due to a problem with newsletter formating, new newsletters will be posted here.


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